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  • Issue 1:
    Same Sex Marriage:
    The Unholy Battle
    Over Matrimony

  • Issue 2:
    Gay and Christian:
    Can You Be Both?

  • Issue 3:
    Queering The

  • Issue 4:
    There Are None!!

  • Issue 5:
    A Queer Kind Of Faith

  • Issue 6:
    God With Us

  • Issue 7:

  • Issue 8:
    Can You Be Transgendered
    and Christian?

  • Issue 9:
    Let Us Give
    Thanks and Praise!

  • Issue 10:
    Spiritual Self Defense:
    Responding Constructively To Persecution

  • Issue 11:
    Coming Out As Christians

  • Issue 12:
    Surviving A Spiritual Crisis

  • Issue 13:
    Becoming A New Creation In Christ

  • Issue 14:
    Books That Bless

  • Issue 15:
    Power of Prayer

  • Issue 16:

  • Issue 17:

  • Issue 18:

  • Issue 19:

  • Issue 20:
    Telling Our Stories

  • Issue 21:
    Renewing Our Strength

  • Issue 22:
    Faith for the New Millennium

  • Issue 23:
    The Silence of God

  • Issue 24:

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    Welcome to Whosoever!

    Whosoever is a online magazine intended for the spiritual growth of anyone who believes that God made gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people just the way they are, and is not asking them to change to be a part of God's kingdom.

    We invite you to spend some time here and we hope you enjoy your journey through our e-zine. Here is a helpful guide to this site:
    • If you want to know more about Whosoever and what we are all about, check out our Mission Statement, our What We Believe page or our FAQ.

    • If you disagree with the mission and/or beliefs of Whosoever, and are about to send us a nasty e-mail, please read the An Open Letter To Our Critics first.

    • But what does the Bible say about homosexuality? We take a look at the scriptures!

    • If you want to peruse all of our online issues, head to our Issues page for links to the complete table of contents of each issue.

    • What's coming up in the next issue? You'll find the answers on this page.

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    • Writer Blythe Hart takes us on a Sojourn in the Psalms with her devotional meditations.

    • Are you looking for an email list where you can be supported as a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered Christian? Whosoever sponsors several mailing lists, including a chat community, a prayer support group, a site update notification list, and a list for prospective writers.

    • Whosoever has been gifted with many talented writers who contribute their time and talent to the magazine. Look through our Author Index and find material from your favorite (or soon to be favorite!) writers.

    • Interested in reading and lodging opinions? Visit our Editorial Page.

    • What's going on around the world? Check out our International News section.

    • Whosoever gets plenty of what one might call "hate mail," but the Bible tells us in 1 Peter 3:15 that we are to give our critics a gentle and reverent response. Several theologians, pastors and lay people tackle the tough mail with Reverent Responses.

    • The Whosoever editor also gets plenty of mail, both pro and con. Read some of the Letters to the Editor.

    • We get many letters here at Whosoever from people still trying to reconcile their faith and their sexuality. Some of the letters are heartbreaking. For them, Rev. Paul Turner offers Seeds of Hope.

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    A Little History About Us

    Whosoever was founded as a bi-monthly magazine in June of 1996. Our first issue hit the newsstands in July. Subscribers grew to nearly 50 people by February of 1997, and the magazine was being carried in just over 30 bookstores from Georgia to California. Financial pressures proved too great for the fledgling print version of the magazine and with the March/April 1997 issue we became an online magazine for gay, lesbian and bisexual Christians. [In November of 1997, we added transgender people to our outreach.] Overhead here is far less, and with the responses we have received, we seem to be reaching far more people than the print version ever did in its short life. We hope you'll stay awhile and check out each issue of Whosoever. Bookmark this site and return often. We will continue to post new articles, and we will have a whole new issue every other month.

    We are always in need of contributors. If you want to write an essay, a story about yourself, your church or any other topic, poetry, or Bible exegesis, we would love to hear from you! We do have a few (very few) guidelines for submissions. Check out the topic for the next issue and send us your contribution!

    -Candace Chellew

    To contact us by snail mail:

    Whosoever Ministries, Inc.
    PO Box 11751
    Columbia, S.C. 29211

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