An Open Love Letter To My Brothers

by: Georgia W. Dahlberg

At one time I was alone and thought I was the only one with feelings that didn't go along with my birth biology. Then I met my Sisters and found I was simply one of thousands around the world with feeling similar to mine. That opened a whole new world to me and left me with the impression that this Transgender thing was a Male to Female aberration in the male gender. But I heard rumors.

In the early 90's I went to the Southern Comfort Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, and the rumors were confirmed before my eyes. There were Female to Male Transgendered people and there they were! I found myself fascinated and couldn't stay away from their group. I finally gathered my courage and bought one of them, Phillip from Montreal, a drink in exchange for a little conversation and information. Phillip was a cute little guy with a wonderful French-Canadian accent and was going through his changes primarily because of deep inner feelings and to better support his daughter.

Over the years I have been fortunate to have many conversations with my F2M Brothers and have found another new world so similar to mine, with the same depth but opposite orientation. What a wonderful gift! Just meeting my Brothers and sharing our feelings and experiences has opened my eyes and mind and changed my perception of the Transgendered phenomena completely. My Brothers, you have taught me and your Sisters so very much! I can no longer think of it as an aberration and certainly not a Male to Female aberration. It is a human phenomena and must be so as it affects both genders in similar but opposite ways.

I want to thank you, Brothers, for what you have taught me. When I was at a low point in my life, one of your authors, Leslie Feinberg showed me through his book "Stone Butch Blues" that my problems were miniscule compared to Yours. Thanks Leslie!

To my friend Chris in Minnesota, you taught me that Transgendered relationships don't have to be just a brother/sister thing but can be much more. I wish I could locate you again, I've tried. Thanks Chris!

To Phillip, you opened my eyes to the other half of the Transgendered phenomena with your honesty and Lion heart. Thanks Phillip!

To all my Brothers, both locally, across the country and around the world, thanks for your courage and example in following your hearts. You have given me and your Sisters far more than you will ever know. I love you all!

Ms. Dahlberg is a Registered professional engineer who has earned licenses in 5 states. She is currently a member of the Stonewall Cincinnati's speaker's bureau, teaches GED classes and serves on the Vestry at Church of Our Saviour, Cincinnati, Ohio. She is the Public Relations and Outreach Coordinator and serves on the Board of Directors of Crossport, Cincinnati.

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