Volume 2: Issue 2

September/October 1997

Can You Be Transgendered and Christian?

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Cover Story: Transgendered and Christian:

Transgendered Christians, Gays and Our Common Bond
--By: Robyn M.E. Shanor, PhD MDiv

Being a transgendered Christian is in many ways similar to being a gay Christian. We face a number of the same issues, and some different issues as well.

Transsexual Theology
-- By: Starchild

When the Apostle Paul describes how our being one in Christ through our Baptism breaks down the normal human boundaries that we see as barriers, he is very explicit in including gender as one of these now irrelevant conditions.

John 3:16
-- By: Barbara Jean Jason

How can we be a Christian and be transgendered/gay, or both? The answer is pretty clear in John 3:16.

Happily Christian, Openly Transgendered and---A Seminary Student???
--By Vanessa Sheridan

For the last ten years of my life I've been on a rather amazing journey of self-discovery--a spiritual quest, if you will. My goal was to find out if my intrinsic transgendered orientation and corresponding behaviors were compatible with faith in God through Christ Jesus.

The Way Out
--By: Becky Allison

And just as clearly as I ever heard any voice, I heard Him say to me, "Becky, this is your way out."

From a Chapter on the ELCA Today - Transdenomination to Transgender
--By: Carol Stabel

Perhaps in the expanded community of believers, ELCA churches of the Lutheran World Federation, uniting with other Reformed brethren, will renew their commitment to "justification by grace through faith" -- hopefully abandoning any discriminatory or voyeuristic focus upon sexual and gender content of constituent families and homes.

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The God I Came To Know
--By: Alden Möller

Gay people who love God have a tough time reconciling the two concepts. This is not because of its 'paradoxical nature', but rather due to the brainwashing we have to endure from childhood.

Coming Out=Born Again
--By: Darren McDonald

It was only after actually screaming out loud one night with tears streaming from an honestly bleeding heart to God to take away my infliction of homosexuality that I was at last able to be released from years of secret torture.

True Freedom
--By: Parker Allen

Ironically, the one place that I was not free to be myself was in the church. Ironic because Jesus spoke of honesty and integrity.

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Am I Ex-Straight? Ex-gays and the Ethics of Labels
--By: Candace Chellew

Ever since I have heard the term "ex-gay" it has troubled me. Those who say they have left homosexual behavior and feelings behind brandish the label proudly.

Choice in Sexual Orientation: The Sword That Cuts Both Ways
--By: Patricia Nell Warren

"Choice" -- and how both gay and religious leaders perceive it -- is a key word in today's noisy national debate about gay rights.

Do Homosexuals Need to be Healed of their Homosexuality?
--By: Joseph Adam Pearson, Ph.D.

The overwhelming majority of people believe that homosexuality is immoral. I do not. I believe that homosexuality is amoral and that homosexuals individually are either moral or immoral.

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"The Invention of Sodomy in Christian Theology"
Young author challenges historian Boswell's conclusions
--By: Gip Plaster

He said he can be gay and Christian without relying on possible evidence of same-sex unions performed in the early church.

God's Gay Tribe
by M.R. Ritley: A Groundswell of Gay Spirituality
--By: Scott Isebrand

"Being gay is not an accident . . . it is a calling."

Inerrancy and Insolence
--By: Candace Chellew

Proving others wrong can be addictive. It can lead you to believe you are always right, about everything. Even when you are wrong you continue to try to prove others wrong, knowing you are right, no matter what.

Dual Attraction
By: Sunchild

Being bisexual does not mean equal attraction to both sexes, which is the first misconception of bisexuality.p>

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From The Pulpit:

Being Fundamentalist
--By: Reverend Michael S. Piazza

Fundamentalists in Jesus day were no more open minded than they are in our day, and there is a bit of the fundamentalist in us all.

Being A Crazy Dog For Christ
--By: Reverend Paul Turner

Throughout his life Jesus, again and again, performed crazy dog stunts. He ate with tax collectors, spoke to prostitutes, walked among the lepers, the poor and the sick. He dared to ask if a rule was more important than God's people. Do you get the picture? God is calling us to be crazy dogs!

Sexual Ethics for All of Us
--By: Rev. Thea Nietfeld

To include spirituality in the discussion of the sexuality is to claim our wholeness: our bodies are not separated from personal maturity, from meaningful commitments, from fears and friendships and from our interdependence with the rest of the natural world's web.

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Bible Study and Inspiration:

Living The Way of Truth
--By: Candace Chellew

John 14:6 -- Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but by me."

The Road of Life
Posted with permission -- Author wishes to remain Anonymous

When I met Christ, it seemed as though life was rather like a bike ride, but it was a tandem bike, and I noticed that Christ was in the back helping me pedal.

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Holy Humor!

Top Ten Things That Would Be Different If The Twelve Apostles Had Been Gay Men

The Thermodynamics of Hell

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