Premier Transportation Systems

Premier Transportation Systems
Suite 2312 - 101 Subway Crescent
Toronto Ontario Canada M9B 6K4

Telephone 416-231-9845
Fax 416-231-9417

Premier Transportation Systems is a unique way to move your freight. One call will get you the truck you need to move your shipment. We are a small but conscientious operation that devotes complete attention to your shipment. Our dispatchers work on a commission basis per load. With this policy, you can see why your shipment will receive the utmost care!

We have a network of over 800 transport companies which are linked into our computerized dispatch. We can contract a truck from our network fleet to fulfill our commitment to you, the customer.

We specialize in LTL (1 skid minimum) to Truckload shipments, to and from the USA as well as all points across Canada. No shipment is too small for us to handle. Your shipment is loaded, cleared at the border and delivered directly on the same truck.

We provide flat rates on all shipments. From 1 skid to Truckload. We don't use confusing tariff rates with misleading percentage discounts or per hundred weight formulas. Our rates are simply based on the number of linear feet or skid spaces used on the trailer.

We can arrange all kinds of equipment. 48'-53' enclosed trailers, flat beds or reefers (protective service).

You can request a rate quote from us by phoning, faxing or e-mailing your request. Our rates are quoted in US or CDN funds. Call us now for your free estimate.

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