Reverent Responses

Even Satan Believes in Jesus!
Rev. Vera I. Bourne Responds

[Posted on September 23, 2000]

Dear Phil:

Yes, we are all loved unconditionally "by a kind Heavenly Father." And you are correct in stating that God cares for us no matter who we are or what we do. Every person is included in the "Whosoever" of Jesus' promise.

Whereas you state that "Satan believes in Jesus Christ!" I rather think Satan acknowledges Jesus Christ and knows who Jesus is, but I don't think he believes in Jesus. In John 3:16 we hear Jesus state that "God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." As there are no reservations nor conditions contained in this statement, if Satan truly believed that Jesus' death at Calvary atoned for the sins of all people, reconciling us again with our Creator and accepted this gift of salvation, I am sure that Satan too would be saved. I believe that Satan, with his demonstrated lust for power, can not grasp the concept of love so great that God died for us.

We each take responsibility for our choices. Satan and his followers chose to rebel against God, and until they repent, as you and I need to repent, they will be alienated from God's dominion. Being a believer is just that - one who believes - and the Apostle Paul points out that it is not by our deeds that we are saved, lest we boast of our accomplishments. But belief in Jesus, together with an ever increasing knowledge of our Saviour which we acquire by spending time with him in prayer and study of Scripture, does create the desire and the power for changes in our own lives. In fact, we become more like Jesus in our attitudes, thoughts, words and actions.

As for your gay friends, since I don't know them I cannot comment on your perception of their lifestyles. The most important choice in my life was to believe in and accept Jesus as my Saviour, not whether I was a lesbian or not. That decision was made in my genetic script, or DNA, and since none of God's creation is flawed, my sexuality is, I believe, part of God's perfect plan. Thank you for your affirmation of God's love for all human beings.