Reverent Responses

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin
Maarten van den Driest Responds

[Posted on October 1, 2000]

Dear Mr. Bain,

Obviously you have visited our site and read some of the material or maybe all of it. What surprises me is that you still seem to be able to send a 'quick comment' like this when it is particularly obvious this doesn't work.

We at Whosoever do not believe homosexuality is a sin. Therefore, the rest of your comment doesn't apply at all. Since I think there is more behind your words than just the quick comment, I will react anyway.

I would like to encourage you to read our articles and read them again. We have read the Bible over and over, some of us are ordained clergy. We know what the Bible says. We are not stupid people who 'should only read the Lord's Word and then see the light.' Most of us have been studying the Bible for years, sometimes all our lives.

Some of us have been put through terrible ordeals by people who call themselves Christians and still we continue to study the Bible and still we listen to God's voice in our lives. I do not want to offend you in any way but do you understand why your comment is terribly presumptuous and arrogant? What do you know about our belief in the Lord?

I know people react to catchphrases strongly but there are often grave errors under their surface. Even if homosexuality would be sinful, how dare you compare homosexuals to murderers? Please don't hide behind the 'fact' that you believe both things are sins. There is a big difference. Homosexuality involves two people of the same gender who love each other with all their heart, all their mind and all their soul. Murder is the ending of another's life. Murder means meaningless death, an offense to God, a curse to life. Love, homosexual or otherwise, is a blessing, a song of praise to the Lord Almighty and a possible inspiration to all. Now, even when you believe homosexuality is inherently sinful in some way, how can you still compare us to murderers so casually?

Devoutly believing, good homosexual people have over time been shunned, cast out, even murdered by so-called Christians. Mr. Bain, just because you're told we cannot love doesn't mean it is true. Have you checked?

Allow me to ask a question. Answer with only yes or no. Did you finally stop using cocaine? Do you see what can be done with otherwise simple words? Obviously you can't answer no because you'd admit you are still using. Saying yes would mean admitting you have used cocaine before. I use this example only as a means to point out words are complicated things and much can go wrong if people interpret them without the utmost respect for their complexity.

We respect the Bible, the Word of God and love its Inspirator. However, that doesn't mean we interpret it as you do or that we read it 'literally'. Reading literally is not the same as taking a text seriously.

What do you mean with 'taking out of context?' Which verses do you mean in the first place? You do not tell me which ones so you give me no chance to explain.

The verses in Leviticus are warning us against temple prostitution. It is easy to find a word in the Bible, then claim it means 'all homosexuals' and then explain the Bible is against homosexuals but is that reading 'in context'? I think not. It is pushing one's view into the Holy words, forcing the Word of God to support one's own hatred.

If you really want to seriously discuss individual verses with me, go ahead. Please send a letter to Whosoever, explaining your doubts about our views, quoting your exact reasons. Only then will you take us seriously, as one human to another. Only then will I able to speak to your soul. Right now, you write a short, casual note to an abstract concept know as 'homosexuals'. It is easy to believe some concept is bad. You were told it is sinful so you believe that without questioning. This in itself is bad enough but please don't forget you are speaking about actual, living people. It is worse when you meet those actual people and just throw a blanket condemnation into their faces without giving them a chance to explain. Is that what Jesus would do? No, He would care for each individual person and show His love for each of us. Now answer, for yourself, whether sending your note was a very Christian thing to do.

My apologies for sounding so angry. I do not wish to condemn you in any way so I ask forgiveness for lashing out this way. You should understand that I am 24 years old and have had to fight all my life for every scrap of recognition I got. Each time I meet someone I have to explain myself. I have seen people break under the strain and just lose their minds. Another soul extinguished by the 'righteous'. I hope you understand my anger.

I invite you to visit a gay church. If you live in the US, there is the MCC. It will not hurt you in any way to join in one of their services. Join, praise the Lord along with the rest and speak to some people. Check if they really seem to be so sinful. Check if they cannot love. Check! If you can't visit a gay church then find a gay Christian community on the Internet and join them for a time. We are but one example. Read the articles, share in the pain, the suffering. Also share in the hope, founded in Christ Jesus, that we all attempt to keep alive, through whatever ordeals our enemies put us through. You will never see a condemnation of anyone on our website. We have no enemies but those who confirm themselves that.

We spread the Word of God on our own special place on the Internet. Be thankful the Lord is working through us, providing a refuge for all those gay people who have been denied by their Christian brothers and sisters the Grace that is rightfully theirs. We will continue to build a better world, praying, even when we are shunned, oppressed, blocked, hated, hunted down or murdered. I invite you to join us, just for the you of you.

I pray the Lord will open our eyes together, so that we may jointly praise His name.

I believe in Jesus Christ, Lord over Heaven and Earth, my Saviour.

Blessings beyond measure,