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God Does Not Accept Your Lifestyle!

[Posted on December 24, 2000]

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I would like to open this letter by stating that we must not get Christianity mixed up or confused with humanistic views, spiritualistic views or demonic views. To be a Christian is to be Christ like. Reviewing all I have read on this article there is nothing to back up what has been written. Which is of utmost importance when establishing a biblical foundation for your life? There is one text given out of John 3:16, besides this text there is no scripture given to solidify that which is believed. I believe that the purpose of this is for the gay community to be acceptable in the eyes of God. According to Genesis chapter 1 & 2 everything God made, he said "It was good." Also in John 3:16 confirms also that he loves all including gays and lesbians. But this still does not dispute the fact that biblically he does not accept this as a way of life. For scripture states that we are created in his own image and after his likeness. There is no text stating such acceptance of this lifestyle by God. I am not by far a gay basher for this would also be outside of the will of God. For I must consider the grace of God that delivered me from the bands [bonds? -editor] of homosexuality not so many years ago.

After being converted into the kingdom of God I have found the truth and have backed everything I believe in by this truth. The truth is in the word of God. For I spent a brief time trying to justify those feelings and emotions I had for men. And how something that felt so right could be so very wrong. After discovering the truth I found peace with God by exploring a few major texts in the bible. These are a few of the text in which he gives direction in this area: 2 Tim 3 and Genesis 19. These are just a few of many text which has been discussed in the bible on this very s! ubject. I hope this email provokes your thinking and causes you to think twice about that which you believe in and that in whom you choose to follow. Remember when someone is proclaiming what the word of God is saying they must be able to back it up by scripture or it is not of God, but of our adversary the devil (Deutronomy 18:20 ). This text gives you the punishment for proclaiming something God has not said. Matt 24:11 also talks about deception of those proclaiming what God has said.

We encourage any literature that is biblically base on this subject to enhance our studies in this area.


Richard and Kimberly Jordan