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Even Satan Believes in Jesus!

[Posted on September 23, 2000]

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I stumbled upon your web page today. I was deeply saddened by what I read. Every human being enjoys the privilege of being loved by a kind Heavenly Father. He does not care who we are, or what we do, he loves us unconditionally. That much is very true.

To take it a step further and assert that he will save people "in sin" is mocking his very word. Satan believes in Jesus Christ! Will he be saved as well? I doubt it.

It is wrong to merely tell people what they wish to here and not have them take responsibility for their own actions. I have several friends who are gay. They are great people. They also admit that they are gay because it is most comfortable for them, not because they were "born that way". They experimented at an early age, or were molested by an adult, and never gave it a second thought. They just kept seeking similar experiences going forward.

If belief only precipitates salvation, the devil and all of his angels will enjoy the same benefits of all "believers". Being a believer involves more than just "believing". Those who hear the word must be doers of the word as well. It may be your belief that initiates or encourages the doing, but to believe only, profits you nothing.