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I Cannot Overlook Your Sin!

[Posted on March 21, 2001]

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This letter is in response to the many letters I have seen in your column. First I am glad there is a safe place for homosexuals to be in your site. To be loved is so important. To be loved unconditionally so rare.

If I can please use my bible knowledge to address what I see is an over-sight in the thinking that I have witnessed here. I hope I can do it here. This information is not to offend, hurt or degrade.

Fellow Christians, our God loves us, but he hates our sin. I have tried to read and re-read the Word to try to embrace your thinking on relationships. I could not. You see, the Bible does tell us that homosexuality is wrong. Many times over the Word tells us this. You are correct in your statement about "who so ever". God does love us all. He is able to set us apart from our sin and love us, much unlike the world around us. I would hate to be constantly be judged by my own sins of the past and I do not want others to judge you or treat you badly. Yes, I, like you and the rest of the world was born with a sin nature.

I read in one of your columns your reference to a writers statement that homosexuals are often mis-labled or labled as a group as being promiscuous. I have never (I promise) heard this lifestyle bashed by my fellow church-goers. I attend a small nondenominational Bible Church. Our Pastor preaches directly from the pages in the Bible. I share this only to give you back ground on my own thinking and the influences in my life.

I do believe that sin ought to be called sin . It ought not be embraced. We cannot be so liberal in our thinking that we over-look a sin in our lives or a sin in the lives of our loved ones. This does not mean that we stop loving, quite the opposite. If a loved one sees sin in my life, I would hope he/she would not over look it just because he loves me and does not want to hurt me. My prayer to those around me is that if they see sin in my life, then lovingly show the sin to me and be there for me when I FALL BACK INTO SIN AGAIN. Being 37 years old, I know many of my weaknesses. Many of my sins are so strongly and emotionally tied to me that I have to lean on the strength of the LORD, BECAUSE I WILL MESS IT UP EVERY TIME. FEELINGS ARE SUCH A POOR INDICATOR OF WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG.

I want my life to give God glory. "If you love me then you will obey me". I want to obey you Lord.

I want to embrace all of you with alternative life-styles. You are intelligent, funny, witty, hard-workers, sensitive and God-fearing and God loving. I embrace you sweet brothers and sisters, but not your lifestyle. I know many of you feel that this desire of yours is not a choice, I believe you, and I believe the Bible supports us in this belief. But, continuing to act on your in-born sexual feelings as an adult, with full knowledge of the Bible, is my brothers and sisters, sin. So, how then can we deny who we are? We put our old selves away and become new in the sight of God. Please note that I am not trying to over simplify anything.

I do know that we were all born with a sin nature. Homosexual or not, we are all sinners and we need to confess our sins and begin living one moment at a time FREE from the sin that binds us to this world. Look to your Savior for strength...we who believe that we are sinners and believe that Jesus came down to save us from our own sin, suffered died, and is risen, are His fold.....His sheep, His people. Take the information I have shared here and pray about it. Know the truth for yourselves. Those of you who have not got down on your knees and asked God to make His Word clear to you, should. Perhaps the message I am leaving with you here today will encourage and not discourage your reading audience.

Sincerely Signed,

Lisa from Texas