Reverent Responses

Homosexual Christians?

[Posted on September 18, 2000]

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My friend,.....your website appears to be little more than a pathetic attempt at an alibi. At one point along the way, much to do is made about the misuse of the Sodom accounts given in the book of Genesis. Your understanding of the Word of God is chocked full of subjetive human reasoning that allows for a rationalization for your way of life. I regret to have to say that you're sorely deceived.

You're looking for the social acceptability that you don't rightfully deserve in our society. TRUE history reveals that this country was founded upon belief in the Word of God, faith in Christ, and personal freedom. You want a PERMISSIVE society,...not a free one. You're willing to upbraid any TRUE child of God who stands for an immutable, holy standard while you make excuses for your perverted way of life.

You are at enmity with God,....your way of life is openly hostile torwards God while you sail under the banner of peace, love and happiness. Your religion, like other heretical, false religions, will lead you straight to eternal judgement. The sadness is that this is so needless. You don't have a heart for the're doing the bidding of the adversary. It's not God's will that you seek to do, but to have your own way.

My friend,..take heed,....queers, homosexuals, faggots, effeminate,,...choose your own title,..will go straight into eternal judgement. One of your first clues that your way of life is incongruent with nature as God created it is obvious. Can you not see it? It's IMPOSSIBLE for you to procreate the human race!! God, during the process of creation, set certain natural laws into effect, exists on virtually every level of creation. Species were to replenish their numbers by normal procreation requiring BOTH male and female. Often, the unsaved enjoy looking to the animal kingdom to "learn about themselves",..the idea here is that we find something of ourselves in their behaviours and instincts. Well, here is a question for you,........have you ever seen 2 male lions having anal intercourse on the fields in Africa? How about 2 dogs having anal intercourse on the side of a road somewhere in rural America? If you have, I would like for you to advise me of when and where such an extraordinary event took place. Furthermore, if you did witness such an event, did it produce progeny?...cubs, kittens, puppies, etc. I seriously doubt it. How do you respond to this challenge?

Additionally, how do you rationalize away the clear doctrinal teachings about the perversity of your way of life? How clear does the Bible need to be before you'll kneel before the Lord of heaven and earth and repent of this disgusting perversion? I'm not the One before Whom you'll be accountable,'re without hope in this world or the one to come, my friend. God is clear concerning your way of life,. ....He is AGAINST it!!! As long as you persist in this perversion, your heart is unrepentant and you remain in your sins. What could be plainer? Deny the clear biblical instruction about your perversions, and you're either a liar or a fool!!...probably both!!! the very least, you're unsaved.

Gay Christian? Impossible!! You're one or the other,'re gay, or you're a Christian!! Is there a such thing as a Christian Child Molestor? How about a Christian Murderer? What about a Christian Bank Robber? Can you not see the insanity and stupidity in your chosen position on these issues?

You AREN'T a Christian,....!!!! Actually repent of your sins, and come to Jesus Christ, and you'll begin to discover what a true Christian really is!! Until you decide to accept Christ and become saved, you couldn't possibly know what a true Christian is!! You need to be clear on these points.

God DOES love you, but DOESN'T accept you according to your own concept of who He is, or your own concept about the Christian faith. The choice is yours,...repent of your sins, or bear the consequences for having rejected Christ, the truth of the Word, and His holy standards. Choose!!!

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Psalms 150:6
John 3:16