Reverent Responses

God Wants You to Change Your Lifestyle!
Rev. Dr. Jean Orost Responds

[Posted on December 12, 2000]

Dear Marciano:

Since I was a child I knew that God created me in His image and loved me. In 1949, I realized that Jesus had died for my sins, and gave my life to Him. God did give all of us free will, as you have said, and the ability to follow Jesus or not, as we choose. Since 1949, I've been diligently endeavoring to live a life pleasing to Him in every way. I do not claim to have attained, but I press on toward the mark of the high calling in Jesus (Phil. 3:14). I pray multiple times daily for God's direction and provision in my life, receiving forgiveness when I err, and comfort when I hurt.

One of the things that hurts me most is when my own family members criticize me for not doing things their way. As a brother in Christ, you are hurting me when you try to put me out of the family. It was Jesus' blood and suffering that paid the price for me to become a member of the Family of God, and you can't take that away from me.

It takes most of my time and energy and prayer life to live as close to Jesus as I can. I don't have time or the right to tell others how they should live their lives. We must each answer before God for our own lives only. I suggest that you find a website that helps you to live your own Christian life. Please forgive my criticism, but the pain your letter causes me and other GLBT folks is real and relentless.

May God bless you in your walk,

Rev. Dr. Jean Orost