Letters To The Editor

We get a lot of letters here at Whosoever. In 1998 I began the practice of putting together some letters I've received and including them in each issue that is posted. However, I've heard from people who want to read some of the letters the magazine receives but apparently missed seeing them within the issues. I can understand. Sometimes our issues become so lengthy [praise God!] that a section of letters can get easily overlooked. So, I've put together this handy page to help you find our letters to the editor so you can read what others are saying about our magazine.

We recently conducted a poll on the issue of what could be termed "hate mail" that the magazine receives. I've been hesitant to run this sort of mail since my entire goal with Whosoever was to create a "safe space" where GLBT Christians can worship without being bashed. So, I let you, the readers, vote on how we should handle such mail. Thanks to everyone who voted. Here are the results:

Do You Want To See More Hate Mail? [187 votes total]

This is really the result I expected and I have made it a policy to not publish any "hate mail" without an appropriate response from myself or someone else on staff. I think this is a wise move and gives you, the reader, an example of how to handle some of the more common objections we get when we reveal that we are both GLBT and Christian. Teaching you how to stand your ground in spiritual matters is one of our goals, and if answering such mail helps you, we're glad to do it.

A caveat before you read on into the letters ... I did not answer some hate mail in the very early letters posted here. Be warned that some of these pages may contain a few vitriolic remarks, but their numbers are few. A majority of the "hateful" letters you find here have responses from myself and hopefully you will find them helpful in your own spiritual journey.