Issue #2

Sept/Oct 1996

Gay and Christian: Can You Be Both??


The First Step: Coming Out To God

by: Candace Chellew

Leviticus and Homosexuality

by: Rev. Timothy Shirley

The True Story of Sodom and Gomorrah

by: Rev. Paul Turner

God's Special Promises To Gay and Lesbian Christians

by: Florine Deveer and Candace Chellew

Dispelling "Fundamental" Myths of Homosexuality

by: Rev. Dr. Jerry Stephenson

Can You Be Both Gay and Christian? A Critical Look At The Scriptures

On The Bookshelf: The Best Books on Being Gay and Christian

What Does it Mean to be Christian, Anyway?

by: Candace Chellew

The Devil Comes To Greenville
The Trials, Tribulations and Triumph of MCC Greenville

by: Candace Chellew

The Interfaith Working Group:
Using God's Truth to Fight The Right

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