Authors: Q - T

Kathy S. Quinn, Ed.D.

How Dare They Call it Christian, How Dare They Call it Love

The Worst Rejection of All

Wounded Hearts, Wounded Souls

Scriptures, Homosexuality, and Mistreatment by Churches and Christians

Brian Rainey
Staging a Revolution

What's Behind Anti-Gay Theology?

Keeping God First
Theodora Ranelli
That Sweet Flying
RK Reader
Sticks and Stones
Don Reasons
The Truth About Sodom And Gomorrah
Carlene Reed
A Personal View of the Nicholas Berg Killing
Lawrence Reh
Against All Odds: A Reflection on Soulforce at Lynchburg

Paul's Greek: First Aid for Mistranslation

When I Was a Child

Dave Reid
Learning To Fly: A Meditation on Change

Hats, Hair and Homosexuality

Why I Have Hope

Clean on the Inside

Johan Reiners
God's Symphony in G major!
Stephen Regular
Beyond Equal Opportunity

Give Us a Chance

Stacy Reynolds
Letting Go

A Thousand Generations: A Bible Study

What We Are Worth

Breaking Those Ties That Bind

The Substance of Faith

The Art of Worship

God's Plan

Cut to the Chase

I am Not a Zombie

Stay Alive

Check Your Heart

Requisition Your Supplies

Know Your Enemy

Wade Lee Richards
Free at Last
Fred Richter
On Christian Disagreements
Debra Rivera
Created Blessed, not Condemned
Grace Rivers
Losing Love to an "Ex-Gay Ministry"
Rev. Chancellor C. Roberts, II
Faith For the New Millennium

Sexual Orientation in the Word of God

Girding Up The Loins Of Your Mind: A Teaching on 1 Peter 1:13-16

Toward a Quiet, Peaceable Life: A Study of 1 Timothy 2:1-4

Of the Lord's Mercies: A Look at Lamentations 3:21-23

Speak Softly and Forget the Stick: A Look at Proverbs 15:1

God Does What God Wants: A look at Matthew 20:1-16

Summer Snow: A Look at Proverbs 26:1

Bless Them Which Persecute You

We are the Lord's Family A look at Mark 3:31-35

Colin Roberts
Living in Faith in Launceston, Australia
David S. Roberts
The Missing 32nd Screwtape Letter
Larry Roberts
Finding God in the Deepest Distress
Bishop V. Gene Robinson - Bishop of New Hampshire
Giving So It Matters

An Open Letter to my Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Brothers And Sisters in Christ

An Open Letter to the LGBT Community

Angela Rose
Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Firm Yet Flexible


Are We Family?

Lincoln Rose
Seeing the Whole Story

Leviticus 19: On Loving the Alien

A Letter From Joseph

Making Peace with Ourselves

Trying to See Beyond Myself
On dating, being a Christian and a single transman

Lessons from Moses' Father-in-Law

The Macedonia Effect

Shine, Don't Explain

Treasuring Life in the Face of Death

Olivia Rousseau
An Open Letter to Homophobic Christian Parents
Rev. Elder Nori J. Rost
Marriage and the Patriarchy
Levi Rowland
Redemption from the Remnant

Rome Sweet Rome

Katharine Royal
Out of the Closet - and Into a Box?!
Rev. Micah Royal
Confronting Bible Abuse Part 1

Three Keys to God-Honoring Relationships

Confronting Bible Abuse Part 2:
Beginning Again with God

What's a Straight Guy Like You Doing in Affirming Ministry?

The Bible: A User's Manual
This is Part 1 of a 3 part series

The Bible: A User's Manual
This is Part 2 of a 3 part series

The Bible: A User's Manual
This is Part 3 of a 3 part series

"Can You Hear Me Now?"

May I Have This Dance?

Salt and Light

Words and Hands that Kill

The Reverend Susan Russell
Ontologically Incapable

The Cost of Discipleship

Laura Montgomery Rutt
Speaking Truth to Power in Cleveland:
My experience at the United Methodist General Conference

Jazz Funeral Rocks Southern Baptist Convention

Hundreds Celebrate Pride, Gather Outside Falwellís Church for Gay and Lesbian Equality

Verdict for Gay Catholics: Guilty but Sentences Suspended

Presbyterian pastor rebuked for performing same-sex marriage

Out in Jerry's Hometown:
A Soulforce Report on Lynchburg's Pride event

Soulforce Condemns Catholic Bishops' Marriage Document as Spiritually Violent

Anti-Gay Rhetoric Continues:
A Soulforce Report on the Southern Baptist Convention

Rev. Steve Sabin
Danger of Inhospitality
Rev. Cody J. Sanders
The Space Between Us Is In-between Space
Robert de los Santos
More Thoughts On Hope
Anne Savoie
A Letter to the Congregation

The Blessing That We Are

A New Life

David Scheuer
The Transformed Cynic
Father Damien Schill
Mary Frances Schjonberg
Religion should unify, not divide, says Albright
Steve Schmidt
Walking on Water

Gay Pride: WWJD?

Sometimes Less Really is More

Jesus Loves You. Here's a Condom.

The Only One Who Has the Right to Throw Stones at You Chose Not To

From the Dust Bowl to Your Destiny

Joseph M. Schreiber
Finding Myself in Christ

A Sacred Fragility: Mental Illness and Spirituality
Initial Reflections

Diana Schuh
New publication helps homosexuals, Christianity connect
Joseph Schultz
First there Must Be Paper
Robin M. E. Shanor
Transgendered Christians, Gays and Our Common Bond
Cristy Shauck
Rose and Butterfly: A Love Story
Rev. Glenna Shepherd
Get Out of the Boat
Sharon Sheridan
Episcopal Deputies approve compromise resolution on same-sex unions
Vannessa Sheridan
Happily Christian, Openly Transgendered and---A Seminary Student???

Transgender Pride

Episcopal Deputies approve compromise resolution on same-sex unions

Katie Sherrod
The Pharisee and the Windsor Report
Rev. Tim Shirley
Blessing Same-Sex Marriage For The "Right" Reasons:
A Baptist Minister Ponders The Question of Same-Sex Marriage

Leviticus and Homosexuality

The True Meaning of Whosoever

The Joy of Getting Stoned: Virginia-Highland, Georgia Baptists, and Jesus

Jonathan Shuffield
Love Knows No Gender, Only Soul
Richard Shumate
No Ordinary Epistle

Whosoever Believeth

Rev. Andy Sidden
Priests Forever

Who Should I Hate?

A More Spiritual Community

Bryan Siefert
Rediscovering Christ in Old Summer Traditions
Ruth F. Simon
Crisis of Faith

Defining Love

The Difficult Task of Forgiveness

Which Faith?

Most Reverend Bruce J. Simpson, Archbishop
The Current Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church
A complete misunderstanding of sexuality

Pope Increases Obsessive Attacks on GLBT Community

Holy Communion as a Political Weapon

A Cry in the Wilderness:
Is Anyone Listening?

Enough is Enough!

The Gay Community Has To Blame Itself Too

A Constitutional Crisis In The Making:
America On The Edge

Officially Sanctioned Hatred

When Will the Festering Cancer
of Intolerance and Stupidity Cease?


Shaking the Dust Off For God

The Passion of April Fools

Blessed are the Excommunicated

Lazarus in the Pride Parade

Hatred is Alive and Well in Pennsylvania

Gary Simpson
Touched by an Angel

Roadside Encounters

Spiritual Magna Carta

Serving From a Prison Cell

Craving Heavenly Wine

Scattered Peace!

Doers of the Word

Queer Eye for the Straight World

Prophet Versus Grace

Seen, Heard and Have Come

God's Call

Pride Goeth Before Forgiveness

David Skidmore
Episcopal Bishops approve Robinson:
Historic vote called 'a big step' for gays and lesbians
Bobby Smith
Leaving Mormonism
Eileen Smith
Exodus and Beyond ... Hope and a Future
Rev. Greg Smith
Stand Up

Knowing God Like I Know My Mother

Hayden Smith
I Am With You Always

Just As We Are

Demanding Words For Spiritual Seekers

The Love of God is for All

Rev. Richard L. Smith
Reclaiming John 3:16
Sheila K. Smith
Everyday Spirituality

I Surrender All

God and Politics: Why or Why Not?

Kara Speltz
Blessing Ourselves by Blessing Our Persecutors

The Amazing Journey

Michael J. Spires
An Open Letter To Gay and Lesbian Christians
James Solheim
New Archbishop of Canterbury has rough ride on road to enthronement
Maria Soderstrom
About Peace

About Sin

James E. Solheim
Mixed reaction to New Hampshire Bishop election

Primates emerge from London meeting with strong statement on threats to communion

The Very Rev. Leland R. Somers
A Book Review:
If Grace is True: Why God Will Save Every Person
by James Mulholland and PHilip Gulley
Dawn Sorensen
Closer to Fine

Re-imaging as a way of discovering God-within-us

Soulforce Press Release

Soulforce Response to the report from the Southern Baptist Convention's Task Force on Ministry to Homosexuals

Rev. Don Southworth
Trick or Treat

By The Power Vested in Me, I Now Pronounce...

Kara Speltz
A Homily in Three Parts: Encountering Gace in the Courtroom

Love in a War Zone:
A Journey of Peace to Iraq

Carol Stabel

Where Is It Written?

Coming Out To God: The Path Of Homospirituality

More Through the Lens of Homospirituality:
Gifting The Golden Rule to Ourselves and One Another

From a Chapter on the ELCA Today - Transdenomination to Transgender

Recovery of a Sense of The Sacred: Thirteen Steps

The Light at the Ocean Depths

Prayer of Silence

Calling God Central

Brad Stanley
Diversity Christian Fellowship, Tulsa, Oklahoma: Embracing Diversity!
Transsexual Theology

I Thank You God, For The Rainbow

Eric Stavlund
Dare To Be An Elihu!

Making Prank Calls To God

Rev. Dr. Jerry Stephenson
Dispelling "Fundamental" Myths of Homosexuality
Virginia Stephenson
Coming Home
William Stephenson
Christians and "Disputable Matters": An Examination of Romans 14 as Applied to the Homosexuality Issue
Marsha Stevens
The Time For Freedom
Elizabeth Storbo
Deliverance Through An Ex-Gay Ministry
David Strand
Same-sex Marriage: Rights and Wrongs
Roger Stratton
To Hell with God: Overcoming Our Anger with God

Overcoming our Fear

Keeping God at the Center of Our Lives

Standing Firm -- Faith

Bless Them

Believing is a State of Mind

The Danger of Judging Sinners

Seven Wonders of the World

The Bible

George R. Stritikus
Thinking About God

Sex, Cultural Bias and the Bible

What is...may be for good reasons!

Rev. Beth Stroud
John R. W. Stott
The Christian's Disciplined Study
Dual Attraction
Rev. Tom Summers
Finding Hope at Lake Junaluska
Stephen Swecker
The Fighting Methodists and the Political Right
Dr. Paul Sweet
Love God
Becky Taylor
Imagine the Possibilities
Dr. Paul Tellström
Be Still

Standing in the Grave of Alphonsine Plessis

Uncovering Art

Benjamin D. Thiel
This Sort of a Life:
A Review of Purple Hearts and Silber Stars
John Thornburg
Urgently Devoted to the God of Love and Justice
Colin Thornby
Peace is Hard to Come By
Lloyd Thornhill
Following God's Call
James Thrall
Episcopal Deputies approve compromise resolution on same-sex unions
Shawn Tiani
Sharing the Blessings
Grace Towne
Journey to a Dare
Rev. Rembert Truluck
God Through Gay Eyes

Jesus as the Key to Spiritual Self Defense

Feeling Good About Yourself: A Guide To Coming Out

My Story

Life in the Brave New World of Jesus

Meditations That Helped Me

What Jesus Said About Family Values

Truth That Restores Hope

Matthew Died For You and Me

John Paulk In Wonderland: A Review of "Not Afraid to Change"

The Ex-Gay Fraud: A Review of "A Strong Delusion"

Why Homophobic Legalists Don't Listen

Forgiveness Means Letting Go

Be Still and Know

Eating With Sinners

The Bible Says ...

Letting Go

Spiritual Resources

The Lost Baptist Ark

Let Go and Move On

When in Danger, When in Doubt, Blame God

Freedom from Fear

The Joy of Letting Go

Accept Yourself

Spiritual Violence

Life or Death

Jesus Continues to Change the World

Healthy Spirituality

Immovable Object

What About You?

Why Hate Hurts

The Homophobic Agenda

The Ex-Gay Wars:
A Review of "Anything But Straight"

Rescuing Marriage

Self-Inflicted Terrorism

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up

Fractured Faith

Talk About Jesus

Rev. Paul Turner
Marriage: For Love or Money?

The True Story of Sodom and Gomorrah

Do We Really Need Christmas?

Lifestyle or Licentiousness?

Being A Crazy Dog For Christ

On Being Thankful

A House Divided

We Are the Light of the World

Sodom, Sodomy, Sodomite, Sodomize

Coming Home

And Jesus Wept...

Ten Reasons to Own Your Faith

A House of Cards

Inclusivity: More Than a Word

You are God's Child and You are Not a Mistake!

Bishop Jack M. Tuell
How I Changed my Mind
Jane Tully
Out of the Closet:
Straight clergy With Gay Family Members