Authors: M - P

Ed Madden

On Learning To Hate Yourself
Cortney Maki
The Dawn of a New Beginning
Rev. Tessie Mandeville
Peace Through Pride
Rev. Dr. Jerry S. Maneker
I Was Wrong: Rethinking Anti-Gay Scripture

Our Judgments of Morality

HIV-AIDS and The Congregation of the Dead

How to Transcend the Spiritual Sufferings of the Wilderness Experience

A Message of Grace to a Roman Catholic Priest

Forgiveness Versus Acceptance

Never Be Angry at God

Idolatry is the Source of Much Fear

God Is at the Center of Your Life

Don't be a Coward

Is Faith Enough?

Religion Can Be a Dangerous Thing

You Don't Have to Like Anybody

Being Gay is a Gift from God

Queering the Gospel - Part 1

Queering the Gospel - Part 2

Queering the Gospel - Part 3

Are Denominations Desirable?

The Issue of Marriage Equality

Push That Rock

GLBT People and the Battle for the Bible

How to Know if We are in God's Will

Dedication of the AIDS Memorial Quilt

All Christians Must acknowledge the
All-Inclusive Love of God

The Burden of Legalism

We are Called to be Courageous

Some Talking Points on Christianity and Homosexuality

Skewed Perceptions of Christianity

My Vision for Whosoever

Some of My Remarks Regarding Christianity and Same-Sex Love

The Co-optation of Christianity

False Consciouness in the Church:
My Dialogue with a Homophobic Pastor

Some of My Remarks Regarding Christianity and Same-Sex Love

New Art Book Shows Gay Jesus and Female Christ

All Christians are Called to be Activists

Christianity and LGBT People:
A Teaching Summary

Getting Into the God Box

We are a Resurrection People

Why Every Church Must be Open and Affirming

Does the Church Experience Help Inoculate Against Christianity?

In Christianity, One Size Does Not Fit All

Why the Lack of Expressed Outrage?

Homophobic Professing Christians Defame Christianity

Gay Bashing:
The Politics of Religion

The Homophobia Behind Studies of the Causes of Homosexuality

The Roots of Fascism:
Its Homophobic and Other Religious and Political Manifestations

Confronting Internalized Homophobia

It's Not About Issues

Book Review: Bulletproof Faith:
A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians

Some Myths Held by Religious and Other Homophobes

On Officiating a Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony

The Illusion of Certainty

My Presidential Inauguration Prayer

Misogyny, Homophobia, Racism, and Xenophobia

Some Afterthoughts on Bishop Gene Robinson's Pre-Inaugural Prayer

Toxic Religion and Self-Loathing

The Irrationality of Homophobia

No Accommodation of Toxic Religion

What We Can Learn from Exodus' Alan Chambers

An Open Letter to Potential Straight Allies of LGBT People

Honoring Our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Sisters and Brothers

Homophobia Stems from the Unconscious

The Toxicity of Roman Catholic Clergy Sexual Suppression

Fundamentalism and Homophobia

Barriers to Authentic Sexuality

Homophobia is the Result of Emotional Deficiencies

Publicly Examining Homophobes

George Rekers and Some Roots of Homophobia

The Counterproductive Nature of Pride Parades

The Need for a New Reformation

Flee Toxic Churches and Clergy

Don't Defame the Dignity of LGBT People

Christianity and LGBT People:
A Teaching Summary

Terrorists of the Mind:
The Pope and Other Homophobic Clergy

A Church for the 21st Century

It's Time to Get Serious in this Civil Rights Struggle

The Psychological, Social Roots and Payoffs of Homophobia

Leave Homophobia and Move to Higher Ground

The Denial of Same-Sex Marriage Rights

Declared "Not Guilty"

On the Need for a Renewal of Christian Consciousness

The Vatican, LDS, & Religious Antipathy to Gay Rights

The Institutional Church in America

Institutional Sociopathy: The Decline of America

The Ignorant Attempt to "Transform" Gay People

The Pathology of the Gay Conservative

Christianity Affirms Same-Sex Love

Homophobic and Transphobic Violence as Killing the Self

Jean Marsh
Finding the Light
Crystal Martinez
How to Respond to Homophobic People
Martin E. Marty

Resisting "Theocracy"


The Ironies of Falwell

Growth, violence, and the Coming Religious Peace

Sex and Seminaries

The Decline of the Culture Wars

Anglicans and Rome

Homosexuality and Slavery in the Bible

Decline in Conservative Churches


Biblical Literalism

Christianity Going South


Southern Baptist Decline

Ted Mason
This Graced Life: Parenthood
Terry Angel Mason
The Skyrocketing Violence Against Same-gender-loving People of Color

Same Church, Different Song of Equality

Liz Massey
Exercising Their Faith:
Progressive Christian Group Plans
Walk to Promote Inclusive Vision of Jesus
Murdoch Matthew
Meditating on Creation: A New Interpretation of Romans
Berdine Mitchell Mayes
Called According to God's Purpose
Michael J. Mazza
Texts of Terror, Texts of Hope: Teaching the Bible as Literature in a Gay-Friendly Context

An Urban Pilgrimage: Thoughts on Race,
Sexuality, and Spiritual Violence

Joe MC
My Death

Homosexuals and the Decline in Family Values

MCC Press Release
Metropolitan Community churches Delegation
Meets With Brazilian Minister for Human Rights

Major Same-Sex Marriage Victory in Canada

Warren McCarthey
Love, Truth and Crisis
Darren McDonald
Coming Out = Born Again
Robert McElvaine
Weather of Mass Destruction

Jesusless: The Church of Conservatism

Alvin McEwen
Fighting the Lies of the Anti-Gay Right

Message to the Religious Right

Elizabeth McGee
The Power and Authority of Scripture
Donique McIntosh
Blessings in Unexpected Places
Jack McKinney
What is the Church?
James McKissic
When I Think of Home:
A Personal Reflection on the Black Church
James McLarty
When No One Picture of HIV/AIDS
Wayne McMorris
The Cost of Ignoring the Call

God Restores My Soul

John Mc Neill
How Should Lesbian and Gay Catholics Respond to the Hierarchy's Decision
to Bar Gays from the Seminaries and the Priesthood?
Ariel Barrios Medina
Coming Out as a Sacrament in Argentina: My Road to Reconciliation
Elizabeth Medina
Faith Can't Shatter Homosexual Love:
My Own Spiritual Journey to Understand My Faith's Religious Intolerance of Homosexuality
Robert Meek
Mama Was Right: A Journey Home

Morality Matters

Elena Meredith

Better Starts Now
David G. Meyers
Religion is Ridiculous?
Dr. Robin Meyers
Time to March Again
Daniel Miess
The Idea of Resurrection
Larry Mihm
Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't:
Juggling Sexual-identity, Sexual-Orientation, Race, Class, and
Gender in Lesbian- and Gay-Affirming Congregations
David Miller
From Sin To Blessing
Derek Miller
Freeing Jesus: A Review of "Liberating the Gospels" by John Shelby Spong

What Easter is All About:
A Review of John Shelby Spong's "Resurrection: Myth or Reality?"

A Review of Marcus J. Borg’s 'Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time'

Standing for Integrity, Love and Equality:
A Review of Bishop John Shelby Spong's Autobiography

Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism:
A Bishop Rethinks the Meaning of Scripture

Jim Miller
Bible Study: Jude 7 and Sodomy
Rachel Miller
Religious Legalism Meets Cross-dressing

Can You Pass God's Love Test?

Will You Try To Understand?

Planting Loving Seeds: Pouring the Foundation

Ministry or Repentance?

Call the Question!

Lee Frances Heller:
God's Gift to the Transgendered

Reconciling Sunday

You Are Not Alone!

Peabody and Sherman - August 2103

Are We Being True to Our Faiths?

Christians and Cross-Dressers

A Christian's Journey Through Cross-Dressing

Who Has the Truth?

An Intense Spiritual Decision

Discrimination - A Challenge We Must Meet!

Same-Sex Marriage:
A Test Case In Living Our Principles

True Confession

Catriona Millican
"Simon Says"
(a Biblical rule of thumb)
Dr. Bob Minor
When Religion is an Addiction

A Meditation on Addictive Religion

How to Wreck a Relationship: "Be A Lady"
Part 4 of an Occasional Series

After Doing Everything Right for Marriage Equality

Why Are Gay People the Way They Are?

Living in Hope When You're Not an Optimist

A Mandate to Teach Stupid Design

The Annual War of Unbelief to Sell Christmas

Why I Am Not a Democrat

If You Permit Big Enough Lies Long Enough...

Marriage Amendments Threaten Religious Freedom

Mel White's Journey Continues

Graduating from the Accelerated 'STRAIGHT 101' Class

Virginia Tech, Don Imus, and America's Seething Anger

Those June Gay Lifestyle Expos

Hiding the Family Values Gang's Sexual Addictions

There's Money, Not Bigotry in Our Genes

Let Them Hit Bottom

Why Would a Nice boy Shoot Up His School?

We All Have Histories

Target Michelle Obama

More Faithless-Based Initiatives

Who's Responsible for What they Say?

Marriage Equality and Everything Else

Stop Supporting Religious Prejudice

Beyond a "Day Without a Gay"

An Overwhelming Sense of Victimization

Are You Sure We're Not a Christian Nation?

Is Stonewall Just Old History?

The Violence of Right-Wing Religion

Will What the Professionals Say Finally Matter?

The Place for Using and Abusing Children

Keeping the Religious Right-Wing Alive

'Tis the Season of More Mythology

Marriage: Where Are We Now?

Sex is Ruining Marriage

Watching the Church Deal with Its Sex Problems

Lessons from an Assassination

Our America on Our Mind

Is It Gay or European?

And Now We Boycott Target?

Will the US Ever Like Educators?

Why Obama Became the Religious Right-Wing's Devil

This Generation Gap Really Matters

When Can a Speaker of the House Cry?

When the Right-Wing Claims Their Words Don't Matter

Egyptian Hope; American Pessimism

Re-Using the Religious Right-Wing for 2012

A Movement for Real Change We Can Believe In

More Believers Are Saying "It Ain't Necessarily So"

So, What Are We Going to Do About It?

Does Your Politician Pass the Religious Test?

And We Keep Expecting Them to Be Rational

When It Comes to Religion, Let's Keep One Resolution

Will the 'Culture Wars' Work Again?

Will These Supremes Care About "Equal Justice for All?"

"We Look Like Mississippi"

Margaret M. Mitchell
What Is Truth in Recent Claims about Christian Origins?
Mark Mobley
The Refugee and The Refuge
Rev. Sharon L Moe
Repent, or You're Going to H-E-double-toothpicks
Alden Möller
The God I Came To Know

So, Who's Coming Out?

Gay Morality - Yes or No?

Forgiveness - The Alpha and Omega of Peace

Richard Molling
Three Reasons to not Oppose Same-Sex Marriage
DeeDee Monetary
When God Is Silent

Laura Monroe

Option Three

Robert Moore

Muddying the Waters of Trust
Toña Morales-Calkins
Blessing Those Who Curse Us

Believing is Seeing

Pastor Duane Moret
Journey to Joy
John S. Morgan
What Does it Mean to Believe?
Bruce Mulkey
We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For
David Mundy
On Becoming A Conscious Instrument of God's Will

Leviticus and The Law

Robert Murch
Gay marriage Web site goes beyond politics
to the heart of the matter
Andrew R. Murphy
Believing and Doing:
The President's Religion
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Press Release
National Gany and Lesbian Task Force and the Institute for Welcoming Resources join forces
National Religious Leadership Roundtable
David v. Goliath
Rev. Ray Neal
Am I the Older Brother?

It's Not About the Rules

The Strip-Tease: Take it off! Take it all off!
Living Without Shame

Victoria Neilson
Honduran Transgender Woman Wins Asylum
Jill Neimark

The Contours of Gender
Jeffrey S. Nelson
Gay Marriage - WWJD?
Nate Nelson
Pro-Life, Pro-Family...Anti-Adoption?

Abundant Bodies

Subsidiarity and the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Craig L. Nessan
Affirming Gay Marriage in the Christian Church:
A Review
Rev. Thea Nietfeld
Sexual Ethics for All of Us
Forrest Nettleton
He is Gone
Tuan N'Gai
This is Crucial!

The Black Insult

Strange Fruit

When Will We Get It?
A Personal Message from Katrina

Exception to the Rule

Rev. Dr. Penny Nixon
Be A Queer for Four More Years

Reflections on the Life of Coretta Scott King

The Rev'd Canon Lesley Northup
Get Real -- Read the Book
Jan Nunley
Bishop-elect Robinson Shares His Spiritual journey
and Vision for the Church

Mixed reaction to New Hampshire Bishop Election

April O'Flaherty
All Are Welcome?

The Good Samaritan?

A Christian Response

Neil Ellis Orts
Morality and Me

Counting Ambiguous Blessings

Labels and Definitions and Who I Am

Pride, Shame, Humility

The Fecundity of the Barren

Reflections of a Recalcitrant Grudge-Keeper

With Feeling One: Anything Like Right

With Feeling Two: When I Think of Home

With Feeling Three: Learning on a Nervous Stomach

The Noise of God

With Feeling Four: Lessons of Spirit and Flesh

With Feeling Five: Mama

With Feeling Six: Daddy

With Feeling
Seven: Random Thoughts on a Cluelessly Gay Childhood

The Fluid Rock of Grace

Once I Met Jesus

Not Yet

Telling Truths in Church: Scandal, Flesh, and Christian Speech
A Book Review

Joy Does Not Come Easily



My Clogged, Boken, Hardened Heart: A Confession, With Small Jokes

Jon Pahl
The Religious Violence of "Defending Marriage"
Stephen Parelli
So, Who's Getting Married in New Jersey?

My Debt of Gratitude to a Welcoming Church and Queer Theologians

I Felt How the Apostle Paul Must Have Felt
A Reflection on our ministry in Kenya to LGBTs

A Journey Towards Becoming Family

Darkness from Light

Rev. Sarah Park
St. Francis Celebration of Animals
Daniel Payne
The Pressures of Traditional Religious Culture
Part 1 of 5

God: Above and Beyond

Steve Payne
Young, Gay, and Christian!

Reconciling our Homosexuality -- It is possible! Part 1

Reconciling our Homosexuality -- It is possible! Part 2

Leviticus and the Holiness Code

Lloyd Peacock
The Love that Proudly Speaks its Name
Claire Pearson
Speak Up Against Sexual Assault!
Joseph Adam Pearson, PhD.
Do Homosexuals Need to be Healed of their Homosexuality?
Steve Pearson
My Grace is Sufficient for You!

Suffering in the Service of Christ

Our Gospel of Grace

"Family Values" and Scripture: The Scandalous Story of Samson

Angry at God's Love?!?

Learning to Be Afraid the Right Way

Practicing the Presence of the Living God

The Effects of Belief: Exile and Holiness

Jesus Christ: God's Revelation of Humanity to Humanity

Love the Sinner/Hate the Sin? Definitely!

The Call of the Beloved Community: To Love the World or Just One Another?

Friendly with the Enemy

Peter and Cornelius at the MCC

Asleep in the Perils of Life

Moses at the MCC:
God's Exodus International Isn't Ex-Gay at All!

Traditional Marriage: What Is It?

Saving the World Everyday

Love the Enemy - Because They May Learn to Love Us!

Re-thinking Our Approach to Scripture

Into the Woods: Peace in the Wilderness

My Proof of Faith: The Human God

Original Blessing: Creation and Createdness

Michal Anne Pepper
Responding to Persecution

Why Do You Stay?

Rev. Troy Perry
UFMCC Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

Whose God Do You Serve?

Wine and Wafer as Weapons?
The Regrettable Politics of Holy Communion

When the Spirit Moves You

A Farewell Message
Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches

Heather Elizabeth Peterson
For Those Who Persecute You
David Pettitt
Will You Go Out Without Knowing?
Pastor John Phillips
Be Human First!
Lana Phillips
A Holy War?

The Gospel Truth?

Opening the Gifts of Disability as a Lesbian in the Church

Erny Phipps, Deacon
Are The Children Really Free?
Reexamining the Biblical Evidence on Same-sex Relationships

A Book Review and Interview

Engaging Grace Compassionately

Rev. Mike Piazza
Being Fundamentalist

Married to a Builder

Neighbor as a Verb

Mark I. Pinsky
TV's Leap of Faith
Gip Plaster
Book Review: "Rainbow Family Values" by: Rev. Michael S. Piazza

Mosbacher's Response: All God's Children

Book Review: Love Between Women

Walt Whitman School:
Providing Safe Space For Gay and Lesbian Youth

Healing Faith