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Mary Earls

Unity Launches Online Resource for LGBT Community
Glenda Edwards
The Power of Prayer is Real!

Trusting God's Silence

ELCA News Service
ELCA Council Forwards Progress
Report on Studies on Sexuality

ELCA Issues Study Guide on:
'The Church and Homosexuality'

ELCA Issues Study Guide on:
'The Church and Homosexuality'

Which Way Home?

Righteousness and Justice

Naomi Eleven
Loving Our Straight Neighbors
Jeff Ellis
For many, why is homosexuality the unforgiveable sin in America?
Larry Ellis & James Raymer
Making a Family Amid Controversy: The Marriage of Larry & James

A Candid Look at the Journey to Lynchburg

Nick Emond
What Jesus Said About Banning Gay Marriages
Rev. David Ensign
Liberating Touch
Eric Dale Eubanks
The Impossible Choice
Debra Erickson
Preaching Good News to the Poor
James L. Evans
Controlling the Words

Churches Facing Minister Shortages

Lawrence Falkowski
Religion and Politics
Kitty Fallon
To be Me, Just Me, is Sacred
Shurron Farmer
Black, Gay and Spiritual

God Is Setting It Up

Be Encouraged!


There's A Victory in the Absence of Fear

Arthur E. Farnsley II
Marriage Matters
Jennifer Felix
You Want Me To Do What?

I Could Choose To Live In Fear and Not Live True To Myself

Who Do You Say That I Am ...

Emerging From Our Tombs

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Gayle Felton
A Glimpse of the "Beloved" Community
Gareth Fenley
Letter to a Seeker

A Church Without Walls

Philip Joseph Ferrara, Sr.
A Letter to the Pope on Behalf of GLBT Roman Catholics

A Letter to the Bishop and Pastors on Behalf of GLBT Lutherans

Janet Elizabeth Flecher
Transition, Death, and Mourning
Rev. Sarah Flynn
Counting the Cost

Create in Me a Clean Heart

A Lifestyle of Taming the Tongue

Made Perfect in Weakness

Wanda Floyd
Song of Solomon
Yvette Flunder
Overcoming Oppressive Theology
Matt Foreman
A Letter to My Best Friend, Steven Powsner
On the Dealth of Former President Ronald Reagan

Discrimination is Immoral
Enough Said

Rev. Eric Folkerth
The Journey of Acceptance
Jan Fredericks
Christians United for the Well-being
of All God's Creatures
Matthew Freeman
A Visit To Focus On The Family
Larry Freligh
Serve Him Well
Jennifer Frick
The Gift of a Clean Heart
Phyllis Randolph Frye
Book Review: "Mom, I Need To Be a Girl"
Andrew Furlong
Growing the Honest Church
Gregory Gadow
On Being Gay and Christian: A Litany

The Psalm of Grace

Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy
Will the Fundamentalists Win?
Question Revisited
Matthew Gallagher
Dignity Decries Discrimination
Rod Gambassi
Leaving Jerry Falwell:
An Interview with Marc Adams
Laura Gantt
Room To Grow
Johnathan Gardner
God of Anger, God of Love


LariAnn Garner
A Transgendered's Search for a Church Home
Mike Garoutte
Finding Harmony As a Married Gay Man

Finding Harmony As a Married Gay Man - Part 2

The Ways of Love

Rev. Dale Gaver
I've Kept The Faith

Clinging to the Altar

Rev. Peggy R. Gaylord
Help Get SpongeBob Out of Hot Water!
Michael Geisterfer
In The Eye of the Storm: Gay Christians Tackle Mainstream Christianity
Erin Germaine
Lather, Rise, Repeat!

The Goofy-Happy Love of God

Rochelle Germany
A Leper's Story
Clayton Gibson-Faith
Fear Divides and Love Joins
Jeffrey A. Gifford
The Art of Love and Forgiveness

Who are They?

A Letter to God from the 21st Century Church

Rev. David R. Gillespie, M.Div.
Those Pesky Little Voices

The Second Coming:
A Sermon of Sorts (actually, a short story)

The Extraordinary Power of an Ordinary Life

Us, Them, We: Walking the Fine Line of Unity and Diversity

Escaping the Darkness of Shame

Don't Be Anxious: Easy to Say, Hard to Do

A Momentary Parental Revelation

Marcus D. Gilliland
Hope Beyond Hope
Shannon Gilreath
Gay Rights and the Religious Right (and Left?)
Marsha Gordon
Epiphany Set
Mitch Gould
Toward a Lambda Theology

A Lambda Theology: Cabin Fever

Father Taylor, the Sailor's Apostle

Debbie Graham R.N.
Theology Matters

Love's Liberation:
Reflections of a Lay Episcopal Lesbian

Discovering Our Glory

Examining the Beatitudes Part 1:
At Home in the Breath

Examining the Beatitudes Part 2:
Mourning is a Blessing?

Examining the Beatitudes Part 3:
The Most Misunderstood Beatitude

Cindi Green
My Journey in The Good Book
Gale Green
Some thoughts on Suffering
Dan Greshel
Never Judge a Book by its Cover
A Review of "JESUS and the Shamanic Tradition of Same-Sex Love"
by Will Roscoe

More Than a Scapegoat Book Review of "The Man Jesus Loved" By Theodore W. Jennings, Jr.

Darrell Grizzle
Journey of Faith, Journey of Acceptance

Hell You Say

Blessed Bi Spirit: Bisexual People of Faith

I am no longer interested

The Labyrinth: A Journey Into Silence

Midnight Prayer

Fear and Loathing at the Ex-Gay Conference
Bear's Notebook: an ongoing series of reports on current events

The Offensive Cross
Bear's Notebook: an ongoing series of reports on current events

Anger and Compassion

Ministers in Fur

Protesting Oppression Within and Without

Living Life Fully, Moment by Moment
An Interview wiht Kim Boykin

Gnostic Cat

Bishop Robinson: Beyond Activism to Reconciliation
A report on the Justice is Orthodox Theology Conference

Stranger in a Strange Land:
Bishop Spong in Cobb County
Bear's Notebook: an ongoing series of reports on current events and ideas

The Lost Gospels of Judas and Thomas:
A Tale of Two Gnostics

Rest in Peace, Tammy Faye

Patrick Guerriero
It's Time for Gay Conservatives to Come Out
Marilyn Guthrie
My Dirty Little Former Secret

Hardy Haberman

Soul of a Second Skin: Spirituality, Christianity and the Leather Community
Bruce M. Hahne
Crucifying Zacchaeus: A faith-based response to the John Paulk incident, with three calls to action

Beyond this War, and the Next:
Waging Peace for the Long Haul

Rev. Fr. Robert Darrell Hall
The Family Idol
Andrew Halladay
Betraying the 'Gay'
Stephen Hanchett
Persecutions and the Fullness of Life

The Joy of Our Faith

The Institution of Marriage

Whose Institution is Marriage?

God's Blessing for Us


Howard Hanger
The Gift of Perfectionism or
How to Trash Your Entire Day Before Breakfast
Rev. Cedric Harmon
Articles of Faith:
Sewing a Quilt of Black Gay and Spiritual Pride
Melissa Harris-Lacewell
The Political Future of Black Churches
Chuck Hart
God Loves Me, and God Knows I'm Gay
Stephen Harte
Joy in God's Law??

Loving Our Enemies - Within and Without

Stepford Lives

Lucas Hawkins
The Purpose of Suffering

Grace and Transsexualism

Loving Our Enemies with the Love of God

Angry With God? Not Anymore!

Letting Go of our Fear

How Do We Keep Jesus in the Center of Our Lives?

Stand Firm

Blessing Our Persecutors

Putting on the Mind of Christ

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Gospel of Grace

Living in Gratitude

Theodore Hayes
The Mission of the Church:
Sic 'em and Sock 'em OR Love 'em and Lead 'em
Bev. Heath

Gratitude for Disapppointments and Irritations

Lori Heine
Our Way Home

A Parable Jesus Would Like

I Am My Neighbor

Darkness Shall Not Overcome It

Seize the Day

A Prodigal Daughter's Tale

Jerusalem, My Destiny

Out of Xanadu

Revenge of the Blob?

George and Martha and Adam and Steve

Why Is Luther Winking?

God's Gift to Catwoman

The Cherry Sisters

A Community of Conviction

My Excellent Cyberspace Adventure
(Or, How NOT to Win Friends and Influence People)

Backstairs in the Night:
Adding Up the clues About Brokeback Mountain

Are We Worth It?

There are NO Coincidences

Building on the Cornerstone

Where's Momma?!

"It's the Real Thing"

"Well, Aren't We Special!"
An Encounter With the Church Lady

Flying Under Our Gaydar

Ready ... Aim ... Fire!

Brighten the Corner Where You Are

Love is Just Plain Weird

Canaries in the Mine

Un-Takeable, Unshakable Joy

One at a Time

The "Duh!" of a Disciple

The World Meets God:
Mediating an Introduction

"Want Freedom Fries With That?"

As the World Gives

Knowing Our Place

We Got Next

How to Talk to Our Straight Allies

Wait! There's More!

God is Coming...and is She Pissed!

The Faces of God

"I'm Rubber, You're Glue"

Strong at the Broken Places

Confessions of a Christian "Broad"

"It's All About You!"

One of "Those People"

The Great Computer

"Pay the Toll to the Troll!"

Teaching Thanks

Glory in Stained Glass

Our Wild, Untamable God

True North

A Hole is a Hole

God Needs No Glasses

The Dog Days

Everything Old is New Again
(Or is it the Other Way Around?)

The Last Word

Off to See the Wizard

The Sound the Universe Makes

Maggie Heinemann & Steve Calverly
Building Bridges Across The Divide
Katherine Cecilia-Louise Henne
A Hope Tested
Robin Herman
The Gift of Free Will
Rev. Theresa Herman
Scattered People
Gordon I. Herzog
Letter To Lynchburg Friends
Rev. Anita C. Hill
Relationships Matter
Jeaneane Hill
Infiltrating the Southern Baptist Convention
Oliver Hill
Let the Children Come to Me
Michael Hinzman
The Christian Walk
Christopher Hobbs
What God Has Done For Me
Rev. Joe Hoffman
It's Time for This to Change
Maureen Hope
My thoughts as a "Whosoever"
Stephen Hopesharer
Forgiveness: The Key to Overcoming Guilt and Fear

Grace vs. Legalism:
Wherein Lies Our Strength?

Attitude Can Ease Suffering

Mary Sue Horan
My Story: God Is Still Working in My Life

Is It Christmas Yet?

Just a Piece of Glass

Keeping God as the Center of my Life

Mary Ann Horton

How the Grinch Stole Marriage

Jeff Hostetler
A Healing Hope
Christopher Hubble
The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage

Justice = Civil Marriage Equality

Rev. Bob Hudack
The Atlanta Interfaith AIDS Network: Addressing AIDS From a Faith Perspective
Rev. Jo Hudson
A Marriage Made In Heaven
Gayle A. Humphrey, RN BSN, BA, MPA
Joy In the Moment
Mary E. Hunt
It's Time for a Stonewall Moment